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R&D Department


The challenge for us is to bring our customers a stream of new and improved, added-value products and services,In order to improve product quality and standards, and to maintain both our competitiveness on the market and our advantages,So we established R&D Department when our company started. It is maintained by experience engineering team to provide full technical service. PRO/E, AUTOCAD, PHOTOSHOP, CORELDRAW are specially used for their work.
Duty includes several aspects as below: RD

  1. RD1.To develop the innovative product

  2.   We know the real demands of our customers basing on our five years' OEM/ODM experience and market research. We pay close attention to the development state of lead bathroom  technology, thereby adopting new material, new process and new technology to the production in time. Through the above measures, we constantly improve the product quality and performance,  provide the needed products with more tastes and more comforts  for the markets. Our work of innovation includes,
     (1)Market Research
     (2)Product Appearance Design
     (3)Product Structure Design
     (4)User friendly test
     (5)Material Selection
     (6)Finish Selection
     (7)Packing Design

    2.To provide the total solution in production process.

      Right production process is the key to manufacture high quality products. We provide a complete set of product drawings, production process before manufacturing and make amendments by feedback.

    3.To support the clients for trouble Shooting.

      Sometimes our customer have some production problems . Either the problem caused by components or manufacturing procedures. Our enquiry team will take immediately action in order to help our clients for trouble shooting and find out the solution.

    4.About OEM / ODM.

    our R&D department is also responsible for OEM / ODM development. This includes being able to create designs that meet our OEM / ODM clients' standards, as well as being able to follow their requests down to the smallest detail.
    Finally, every OEM and ODM projects are welcome!